Shaping the future of global surgery together

8th – 12th October 2024, Essen, Germany

The global burden of disease caused by surgical diseases is greater than that of malaria, TB and HIV combined. It was declared as the “neglected stepchild” of global health by Dr. Jim Y. Kim and Paul Farmer in 2008, due to a lack of scientific study, trained professionals, and concerted action on the part of public health financiers.

The Lancet Commission on Global Surgery defined Global Surgery as the multidisciplinary field aimed at enhancing surgical care as an integrated aspect of a well-organized and “fit for purpose” health care system. Unfortunately, we are very far from achieving this reality. Currently, over two thirds of the world’s population lack access to reasonably priced, secure surgical and anesthetic care and 18 million deaths could be avoided yearly if patients had timely access to safe, high-quality surgical care.

The conference is organised by the European Global Surgery Network and will start with 3 days (8-10th of October) of pre-conference hands-on workshops in divers global surgical subjects as trauma, acute abdomen, ENT problems, anesthesia, gynaecology, neurosurgery, etc. This course is organised for medical doctors and specialists from either high-or middle and low income countries with interest in global surgical subjects.

From 10-12th of October a global surgery conference will be organized named “shaping the future of global surgery together” and continues after the practical course. It will be organized at the same venue in Essen. The purpose of this conference is to review our progress as a Global Surgery community, make inferences from our prior endeavors and define lessons learned. Furthermore, we seek to examine how we may proceed collaboratively to accomplish the objectives defined by the Lancet Commission of Health.

Our conference includes panel-style plenary sessions with international speakers from all over the world, breakout discussions that go more in-depth into some of the pertinent subjects, and relevant research at all levels from clinical to socioeconomic or even relating to health policy. Our goal is to set-up interactive sessions, providing room for networking, and allowing participants to best showcase their work, and initiatives. We will be providing a poster session for young researchers with the opportunity for a select group to present their work as a short presentation during a breakout-session. 

German Society For Global And Tropical Surgery
Netherlands Society For International Surgery